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Advisor. Writer. Performer.

Fareeda founded SightLeap to coach creative teams and individuals. She combines the powers of intuition, reason, and storytelling to reach actionable insights her clients can apply to their lives, relationships, and endeavors.


She holds a BA from Barnard (Summa Cum Laude), and an MBA from Stanford, and lives in her hometown of New York, NY.

ADVISOR. The past decade has taken Fareeda from Wall Street to Silicon Valley to Madison Avenue, and now to the heart of Silicon Alley, where she advises leading media/entertainment and nonprofit companies on strategic innovation. She was recently named one of the top 25 Digital Consultants global by She has advised C-suite executives for Fortune 500 companies in multiple industries on their most pressing problems, and brought diffuse teams together to work more effectively. She serves on the boards of two New York Off-Broadway theatre companies: Theatre Breaking Through Barriers (TBTB) which aims to integrate artists with disabilities in groundbreaking stage work, and the Gingold Theatrical Group, dedicated to the work of George Bernard Shaw and the activism he continues to inspire. 

WRITER. Fareeda's written work spans film, TV, radio, poetry, op-eds, and the stage. She’s had readings of her full-length plays MISS/CONCEPTION (Fresh Lime Soda Productions) and A THING OF BEAUTY (Dramatists Guild Footlights, Screencraft quarter-finalist). Her latest one-act THE OLYMPIANS (featured in Time Out New York) was produced by TBTB at Theatre Row in New York in May 2022. Her bi-lingual satire THE CASTING PARTY was produced in Japan in the Fall of 2022 as part of the 15th Annual BIRD Theatre Festival.

PERFORMER (SAG-AFTRA, AEA). Recent acting projects include BRECHT ON BRECHT at ART New York, the short films STITCHED (dir. Lorena Lorencou) and LOOSE THREADS (dir. Elif Fatima), audiobook narration in the horror collection Dark Stars (now available on Audible/Amazon), and two full-length audiobooks: Ausma Zehanat Khan’s detective thriller Blackwater Falls (NY Times and AudioFile mentions), and Samira K. Mehta’s The Racism of People Who Love You (both available on Audible/Amazon). She continues to study acting at HB Studio, and voice at the Juilliard School.

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Original Plays and Teleplays

Image by Omar Elsharawy

Train to Shangri-La

Full-length Drama (2h)

Time: August 1947

Place: India, Pakistan, and Shangri-La

A trainful of women escapes the chaos following the Partition of India and Pakistan, and founds a matriarchal society in Shangri-La, a beautiful realm between life and death. 


The Nightingale

Full-length Drama (2h30m)

Time: April 1919, Russian Civil War

Place: A British warship in the Black Sea

The British Navy attempts to rescue the surviving Romanov family, led by Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna. 

Based on true events.


A Thing of Beauty

Full-length Drama (1 hr 40 mins)

2M, 1F. 5X. (doubling)

Time: December 1920, Russian Civil War

Place: The ransacked Faberge estate, Petrograd, Russia

Commander Leon Trotsky attempts to enlist the heir to the House of Faberge to sell off Imperial treasures to fund his Red Army.


The Faberge eggs in question have something to say about it. 

Inspired by true events.

The Zodiac Club

Pilot for 12-episode Drama Miniseries. 

Based on True Events. 

The true story of Evangeline Adams, America's first astrologer, who rose to acclaim and infamy as the adviser to JP Morgan, Rudolph Valentino, two heads of the New York Stock Exchange, and through her popular radio show - the American public. 

Each episode thematically follows one of the 12 zodiac signs, beginning with Aries/JP Morgan.

Image by KS KYUNG


Full-Length Comedy (90 mins)

3F. 2M. 1X. (doubling. 5 actors min)

Time: Now

Place: New York, London, Lahore, Buenos Aires, and a plane crossing the Atlantic.


A contemporary asynchronous love story.             

One woman's quest to find coupledom in a haze of prophecies, riptides, bird flu, an immaculate conception, and a cat who may or may not be dead. 

Image by Alexei Scutari

An Act of Love

Full-Length Dark Comedy (90 mins)

2F. 1M. 

Time: Now

Place: A ski-house in rural New England.


When a young doctor gets stranded with her boyfriend's mother for a week, things go from awkward to dangerous as the two engage in a psychological battle to the death. 

Image by Katya Austin
One-Act Play

A Divine Comedy

RT: 20 Min. Cast: 2F, 1M.

Comedy. Juliet in the Afterlife…in therapy.


Produced by TBTB in May 2020 and Anytime Players in 2021.

Image by Jon Butterworth
One-Act Play

The Olympians

RT: 30 Min. Cast: 2M, 1F.

Comedy. The "Woke Olympics" as an athletic contest.


Produced by TBTB in Aug 2020 and May 2022 @Theatre Row.

Published by Juicy Press in Mar 2023.

Image by Tianshu Liu
One-Act Play

The Casting Party

RT: 20 Min. Cast: 2M, 2F.

Comedy. An int'l Shakespeare production gone wrong. 


Created for TBTB in Jan 2021. Premiered in Japan in Fall 2022.

Image by Antonín Daněk
One-Act Play

Ghosts in the Machine

RT: 20 min. Cast: 3F. 1M.

Dark Comedy. Dana and Noor's Zoom seance goes wrong.


Produced by TBTB May 2021
Image by Dmitry Goykolov
One-Act Play

Jakob's Ladder

RT: 20 min. Cast: 2M.

Drama. A young man confronts his grandfather over a long lost heirloom.

Leather Flask
One-Act Play


RT: 15 min. Cast 2M.

Drama. An agent confronts his drunken client at a film premiere.


Poetry & Prose

"Like Age, Time is a rumor..."

Maria Feodorovna, "The Nightingale"

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